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 Rules of the site

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PostSubject: Rules of the site   Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:17 am

No Godmoding or playing as an all powerful user. This is a serious oftend because people get tired of it and the admins have a life too, so we aren't watching over every single battle that doesn't involve us. Try not to at the most, if your new to it, we will cut you some slack. Repeated offenses offer in a strike. This includes bunnying as well, which is playing at the other persons character and saying what they are doing. This applies to automatically hitting a move as well.

Genin only start of with the basic academy jutsu. To get more jutsu, they will need to be trained by a sensei of the rank jounin and above. They are limited to all registered custom jutsu and all canon jutsu that apply to their rank that are able to be learned, outside of bloodline and element.

Elements are chosen by the user. Some places have a test, but you can just choose it to do whatever you please with that element. Until you are jounin, you stick with that element and no changing. At Jounin, you can pick a new element. If those two elements create some else, in example fire and earth making lava, you will have to train to have lava jutsu or whatever element it is.

Events will happen randomly so be prepared. On the home board we will hint the event but we will then delete the post after the given 48 hours are up. Events go from invasions that could be fun to things like shooting stars or comets that could effect the whole entire site.

Please make sure to be original. There is no such thing as Uzumaki clan and we don't want Naruto clones running around here. This is 250yrs after the Shippuden series ends so those things are long gone. Demons are extinct and summonings are still here. Head Administrators are still deciding wether or not to include curse marks, but if they are included don't expect them to be walks in the park.

Racism/insults of any kind are frowned upon. We don't want users harming themselves in real life because of us and our site. We can't have it and therefore, it is counted as an offense on this site.

Weaponry will be basic when you start off. Everybody starts off with a basic amount and basic weapons. These are kunai, shuriken, senbon and exploding tags.

Weapons and other praise will be also gifted for whoever wins the event. Head Admin can not compete but they will be the hosters. After that, the person who completes the task, or complets it the best will get their name on the site head messages and will get prize ryo and a weapon of their choice, free.

If you are killed you are expected to make a will to give away to other people and not your next character. Your next character can't recieve money, villages, or weapons, puppets included. They can recieve jewelry, and jutsu scrolls. If you leave out something, your killer automatically retrieves it. If you die from a war or multiple causes, it will be determined or buried with you.

Be reasonable, don't go killing somebody when you are stronger then them just because you hate them. Don't interfere in somebody's adventure just because, for some things you need to require information for it. So say if somebody is going out to sea to get to an island, you can't get in the middle of the water and force them to turn back just because, you need a reason behind it and logically reasoning that your roleplay character actually knows this.

No spamming. No useless posts that have nothing to do with Naruto. As for roleplaying, we know you guys are trying but try to cut down on the one liners. It would be okay to have a crappy two-liner, but it makes the site seem like a better roleplaying place.

No advertising without three regular administrator permission or one head administrator permission. simple enough.

These rules are here for a reason, so when you create your character, upon your acceptance you must agree to our rules and if you break them you will be given a strike. Second strike is temporary ban, third strike is longer, fourth is a permanent ban, depending on the assault.
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Rules of the site
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